Thursday, 22 March 2012

Welcome to Edge-Lit!

Hi Everyone,

The first in what will be a long line of blogs on a brand new event for Derby, Edge-Lit. The event runs on Saturday 14th July at QUAD, and offers a range of workshops, panels, readings, films and more in the fields of science-fiction, fantasy and horror. We've just announced the first Guests of Honour, with tickets also having just gone on sale - a steal at £25!

So take a look at the first news at, and expect loads more to follow here!

Thanks a lot

Alex Davis
Co-ordinator, Edge-Lit

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  1. Hi Alex - just picked up your flyer at AltFiction - need any speakers or panellists for the event. Sci-fi & urban fantasy is my genre but with the day job hat on I'm also a wiz on social media - and moderated a Cory Doctorow session at Eastercon. Cheers Charles