Thursday, 19 July 2012

Edge-Lit reports

Hi Guys,

Apologies for not posting sooner after Saturday's event - it's been a very busy week all told, and still not quite sure I'm over the epic 16 hour day at Edge-Lit itself! In a nutshell I had an absolute blast, everything went really smoothly and people seemed to have a great day on the whole.

I'll be writing up my full report next week, but in the meantime you can check out a host of other reports and blog about the event from around the internet - really chuffed with the feedback so far, and looking forward to getting stuck into 2013 soon!

Just click on the links below to see what people made of the day!

Thanks a lot


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Edge-Lit - two days to go!

Hi Guys,

We're well and truly on the final countdown to Edge-Lit now, with just two days to go until the big day, and things are coming together apace at this stage.

But of course proceedings kick off tomorrow night, where I'll be giving an introduction to THE CALL OF CTHULHU, which will be followed by a screening of the superb THE THING. If you wanted to pick up your tickets for our opening double-header, you can grab them at What better way to enjoy Friday 13th than to enjoy some superb horror screenings?

As for the day itself, we've got our wonderful team of volunteers ready for the day, goodie bags all set to be stuffed, and a top line-up of talent ready to descend upon QUAD for the event. Add into that a jam-packed programme of events, our fabulous raffle and the sparkling quiz, and this promises to be an event not to be missed.

So it's a random mixture of updates for this morning, just to keep everyone in the loop on what to expect!

Unfortunately Angry Robot publishers Marc Gascoigne has had to pull out of the event - but fear not, Marc will be replaced by Mike Shevdon on the 'The Writer and the Internet' panel, and Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris will be stepping onto the 'Breaking into Writing' panel.

Just sorting out for both raffle and quiz prizes, and we'll actually have 4 sets of PS Publishing books to give away at the raffle, plus I've added some new spot prizes to the quiz for those quick-fire answers!

Our registration desk will be upstairs, and as a little bonus for everyone I'll be keeping a steady supply of Haribo there throughout the day. As I'm sure you all know, any great event is founded on the twin pillars of sugar and caffeine... plus kids and grown-ups do love it so.

Each goodie bag will contain at least two books per person, plus our programme leaflet and a host of other flyers and information. By the time I sort through all of our fantastic books to give away, the early birds among you may even be getting three freebies (that rolls off the tongue...)

We'll have twelve tables in the dealers' room, as Exaggerated Press have swooped to claim our final table. Expect plenty of bargains and a great buzz throughout!

That's all for this morning - much more to follow later today, including our finalised raffle list! If you've still not got that ticket, you can pick one up at or pop along on the day and grab one from QUAD's Box Office on the ground floor of the building.



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Edge-Lit Quiz - the prizes!

Hi Guys,

For anyone looking to rustle together a team for the Edge-Lit Quiz this Saturday (it runs from 9pm till about 10:30pm), I thought that you'd like to know exactly what we have to offer to our winners, and indeed spot prize winners. It's a maximum team size of four, but entry is included within your day ticket if you fancied coming down for a fun night that will also test the depth and breadth of your SF, fantasy and horror knowledge.

Our top prize for the winning team will be a complimentary ticket to Edge-Lit 2013 - and not just one to fight over, oh no, this is a ticket per person to next year's extravaganza! It's the first chance to get a hot ticket for next summer, so don't miss out!

We're also going to be giving away a range of spot prizes throughout the quiz - these will be quickfire answer questions with a prize to be dished out instantly! How very Family Fortunes of us - only you don't have to put up with Vernon Kay! Our spot prizes include books by Eoin Colfer and Brian Lumley, signed editions from Steven Erikson and Geoff Ryman (assuming Royal Mail does its job!) plus some great anthologies and even DVD sets to give away as well!

So don't, in the immortal words of Jim Bowen, wonder 'what you could have won' - get down for what should be a fantastic way to spend Edge-Lit evening...

I'm sure you all know how to get a ticket by now - either drop by QUAD Box Office on the day, give them a call on 01332 290606 or drop by our webpage at

Look forward to seeing you there!

(Quizmaster General) Alex


Edge-Lit - on the day info

Hi Guys,,

Just a few days to go until the big day, and a veritable whirl of activity here in the Davis household as we put the last-minute preparations on Saturday's event. Really looking forward to running things, and the whole thing should be a blast.

Today I thought it'd be a good idea to pass on what I've dubbed the 'Key Information' from our event guide - if you're heading down, this will be everything you need to know on the day to get around the event and make the very most of your time there. If you're yet to be persuaded to get a ticket, then maybe this will give you a bit of assurance you'll be in safe hands! :-)

Anyway, here goes...

Edge-Lit – key information

On arrival, head to the registration desk to collect your registration badge. Please keep this badge with you at all times, as you will need to access all the sessions and films at the event.

Our staff will be on hand throughout the day at the registration desk should you have any queries about the event, or about Derby. Please note that our staff are all volunteers, so please treat them with respect. Our staff will be wearing red t-shirts.

Staff will be checking badges as you head into sessions – please be ready to show these to access events and schedule items.

PLEASE NOTE that our writing workshops are all included within the price, but numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED. Please head to the QUAD Box Office (opposite the main entrance downstairs) to collect your free ticket to the workshops of your choice. Event staff will ask for your ticket as you head into the session.

PLEASE NOTE you will also have to collect tickets to our film screenings in the same way. Again tickets are STRICTLY LIMITED, and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

The Meeting Room (reading space) and Digital Suite (workshops) are both on the first floor, while Cinemas 1 and 2 and The Box (book room) are found on the second floor. The registration desk is also on the second floor.

A range of drinks and food are available at QUAD from the bar. There are also many places to eat around Derby – please visit out registration desk for an information sheet. There is a lunch break from 1pm-2pm, and a dinner break from 7pm-9pm.

A handout on local travel information is also available from the reception desk.

PLEASE NOTE that schedule items may be subject to change in case of unexpected circumstances. No refunds will be given in case of author absence or enforced schedule changes.

Raffle tickets are available from the reception desk throughout the day at a cost of £1 per strip. A list of prizes is displayed around the building, with a full list also available at the reception desk.

If you're looking to pick up a ticket, you can either get yours on the day, book online at or give QUAD Box Office a call on 01332 290606.

Thanks a lot, and see you there!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Random competition time!

It's Tuesday!
It's the 10th!
It's competition time, for no apparent reason!

Yes folks, today I have a pair of tickets to Saturday's Edge-Lit event in Derby to give away, just because I've woken up in a generous mood this morning really. All you need to do is check us out on Twitter @EdgeLitDerby, retweet our competition tweet and you'll be entered into a draw to win two tickets for Saturday's event. So don't miss out - get retweeting, as the competition closes at 6pm tonight.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Edge-Lit - The Dealers Room

Hi Guys,

 Well, the countdown is well and truly on to Edge-Lit now, and while I work on putting the finishing flourishes to the event, I'll be posting all manner of news in the final week before the event. Today's blog is all about or fantastic dealers' room, which will be offering a wide range of books, magazines and more for sale, as well as lots of information and flyers for you to take away.

 So who'll be there? Well, Waterstones Derby will be on hand as our official booksellers for the day, so if you've heard and enjoyed an author on the day, you'll be able to pick up a book to take away with you! As well as Waterstones, Edge-Lit will also be on hand with a range of new and second-hand titles at great prices. We'll also have tables from a fantastic range of independent presses, magazines and genre organisations, all of whom you can check out below:

The House of Murky Depths (
Doghorn Publishing (
Haunted Magazine (
TTA Press (
British Fantasy Society (

As always, you can book up your ticket for the event at - don't miss out on our dealers room, as well as a superb and packed programme of events! 

Thanks a lot

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Edge-Lit - final schedule!

Hi Guys,

Ooh, shiny... yes, here it is, all wrapped up in a neat bow and looking lovely and presentable, our final schedule for Edge-Lit! Of course this all comes with the usual note on changes due to unforeseen circumstances etc - I don't see anything like that happening, but that's why they call them unforeseen I suppose... anyway, if there are any late alterations, they'll be flagged up plenty on the day.

You'll also notice that we've been lucky enough to add IAN CULBARD to our line-up, and a great late addition it is as well! Ian is a freelance artist, animation producer and writer who has worked on a number of acclaimed comic books, including his recent work on Lovecraftian classics At the Mountains of Madness and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, as well as adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories and Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars. Quite a CV, so we're delighted to have Ian on board for the day!

Anyhoo, enjoy... and any questions, as always, just drop them along to me at

Thanks a lot!




10am – What Makes a Great Short Story? (Panel)
Simon Bestwick, Christian Dunn, Andrew Hook, Marie O'Regan (moderator)

11am – Guest of Honour Christopher Fowler
Reading and Q+A

12pm – Are We Still Afraid of Monsters? (Panel)
Simon Bestwick (moderator), Ian Culbard, Paul Kane, Emma Newman, Niki Valentine


2pm – Have the Limits of SF Become Blurred?
Jaine Fenn (moderator) John Jarrold, Justina Robson

3pm – Guest of Honour Geoff Ryman
Reading and Q+A

4pm – Does Fantasy Need Archetypes? (Panel)
MD Lachlan, Anne Lyle, Gaie Sebold, Adrian Tchaikovksy, Mark Yon (moderator)

5pm – Ray Bradbury – A Retrospective
Christopher Fowler, Graham Joyce, Emma Newman, Sarah Pinborough, Mark Yon (moderator)

6pm – The Edge-Lit Raffle – fantastic prizes to be won!
Hosted by Lee Harris and Sarah Pinborough


9pm – The Influence of HP Lovecraft
Simon Bestwick, Ian Culbard, Marie O'Regan, Adrian Tchaikovsky

10pm – Mayhem presents a Lovecraftian double-header:
Dreams in the Witch House (Stuart Gordon)
Introduced by Ian Culbard
followed by
House by The Cemetery (Lucio Fulci)
Introduced by Simon Bestwick


11am – The Writer and the Internet (Panel)
Emma Newman, Anne Lyle, Mark Yon (moderator)

12pm – Publishing Today (Panel)
Christian Dunn, Lee Harris, John Jarrold, Sarah Pinborough


2pm – Breaking into Writing (Panel)
Anne Lyle, Rod Rees, Gaie Sebold



10am – Adrian Tchaikovsky
on Worldbuilding

11am – Niki Valentine
on Suspense

12pm – Jaine Fenn
on Characters


2pm – Mike Shevdon
on Dialogue

3pm – Simon Bestwick
Subject TBC

4pm – Geoff Ryman
Subject TBC

5pm – MD Lachlan
A Novel in an Hour


10am – Paul Kane and Niki Valentine (Reading)

11am – Andrew Hook and Rod Rees (Reading)

12pm – Anne Lyle and Mike Shevdon (Reading)


2pm – MD Lachlan and Adrian Tchaikovsky (Reading)

3pm – Emma Newman and Gaie Sebold (Reading)

4pm – Jaine Fenn and Justina Robson (Reading)

5pm – Simon Bestwick and Marie O'Regan (Reading)


10am-7pm – Dealers' Room, with a wide range of books and magazines on sale

9pm onwards – The Edge-Lit Quiz – great prizes to be won throughout!
Maximum team size 4

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Edge-Lit - dining out

Hi Guys,

Continuing this week's ultimate guide to Edge-Lit and Derby itself, today I thought it'd be a good idea to post up some various options out and about for food and drinks. QUAD's cafe-bar will be open throughout the event for hot and cold food, and of course a range of drinks, so if you'd prefer to stay in the Edge-Lit zone then you'll be more than able to grab some grub!

However there are a host of restaurant and pub options around Derby, some of which are details below...

THE MARKET PLACE itself offers the recently opened Ask Italian, offering a range of pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes. You can check out there menu and contact details at

On the market place you'll also find a range of quicker options, including Nando's and Walkabout. If you head slightly further towards the town centre onto Cornmarket, you'll also find Little Frankies, as well as a Greggs for all the pasty fans out there!

Just off of the marketplace, turning left at the Lloyds TSB, you'll come on to Sadlergate, which offers a different range of dining options including Mexico, which (surprise surprise) serves Mexican food. You can find out more at There are also a number of other alternatives, including The Wonky Table ( and The Black Rock Grill, a very new steak restaurant (

Probably the biggest range of restuarants in Derby is on Friargate, which you can reach by turning left at the bottom of the Sadlergate and then turning right at the zebra crossing. There you'll find tapas at La Tasca, Indian food at The Spice Lounge, Italian at Zizzi and modern French cuisine at Bistrot Pierre. Their respective websites and details are at....

Those are just some of the options for eating out in Derby - as always, if you want any more information on Derby, I'd recommend visiting the Tourist Information site at or giving the Tourist Information Centre a call at 01332 255802.

And as always, if there any further questions, feel free to drop me a line on email at!

Thanks a lot


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Edge-Lit - About QUAD

Hi Guys,

To follow on from yesterday's post, I thought that it'd be good to give everyone a rough guide as to what to expect after you get there, and what you can find inside QUAD on the day of Edge-Lit.

QUAD itself is a really modern venue, and you can enter the building via either the revolving doors or the accessible entrance next to it. On the ground floor you'll see the box office right in front of you, where you can pick up your ticket for the day (if you haven't yet!) or collect your free workshop tickets. There's also the QUAD gallery on the ground floor, exhibitions in which are free to visitors, and the BFI Mediatheque, where you can check out a host of archive footage courtesy of the BFI.

Of course, there is also a bar on the ground floor, which will be serving food and drinks throughout the day. I hadn't forgotten about that :-)

On the first floor, you'll be confronted by a set of double doors, and heading through those you'll be very much heading into Edge-Lit territory. On the right you'll see the meeting room, which will  be hosting our readings throughout, and to the left you'll find the Digital Suite, where our workshops will be going on all day.

By the time you come to the second floor, you'll be well and truly into Edge-Lit land. Our registration desk will be up there, which will be your first stop after arrival to collect your name-badge and goodie bag ready for the day. We'll have a host of panels, readings and films in Cinema One, as well as our awesome raffle, and Cinema Two will also be holding a handful of panels in the late morning and early afternoon. The Box will be home to our dealers room, which will be offering a great range of books, magazines and much more on the day.

The second floor Orchid Bar will also be open on the day, so no need to head all the way downstairs to grab those drinks between sessions!

All shaping up to be a fabulous day - you can check out more info, and book your place, at

And any questions at all, feel free to send them my way at

Thanks a lot!!


Monday, 2 July 2012

Edge-Lit - getting there

Hi Guys,

With less than a couple of weeks to go until Edge-Lit, I thought it'd be a good idea to post some key information for our visitors, first and foremost how to actually get to the event!

In general, Derby is a town which is pretty easily accessed from a lot of places - there are regular buses from around Derbyshire, as well as locations like Stoke, Manchester, Nottingham and so on, as well as being reachable easily by train from all manner of locations.

QUAD itself is found on Derby Market Place, and the postcode is DE1 3AS for those of you looking to use the Sat-Nav. If you are driving, the best bet for parking would be the Assembly Rooms car park, which is directly opposite the venue on the Market Place. However there are charges to park at the Assembly Rooms.

For those of you coming by bus, if you come out of Derby Bus Station and turn right, you'll be able to see QUAD from there as a large wood and glass building. If you turn right and head down to the third zebra crossing, just outside the Council House (which is being redeveloped), and cross there you'll be right outside.

For those of you coming by train, a taxi to the Market Place would cost less than £5. If you'd prefer to walk down, the best bet will be to come out of the train station and head straight down Station Road. From there, turn right and basically keep going in a straight line all through the town centre. This will ultimately bring you to the Market Place, where you will see QUAD on the right hand side, near to the BBC Big Screen.

QUAD also has a getting there page on its site, which you can check out at

I'll be posting some more information for anyone heading along as the week wears on - of course if there are any queries about the event at all, you can always drop me a line at - I'll be happy to help!

Thanks a lot!


Edge-Lit Quiz!

Hi Guys,

I have to ask - where did June go? Seriously? But of course that brings us into July, and officially the month of Edge-Lit taking place! 12 days and counting, so not long left to pick up those tickets...

I thought today would be a good opportunity to pass on the first details of our Edge-Lit quiz - this will be taking place from 9pm in the Box, on the second floor of QUAD. The theme for the Quiz will be 'THE A-Z OF SCIENCE-FICTION, FANTASY AND HORROR', so questions will be split up alphabetically according to author, or according to character, or according to book title - but rest assured each question will have some relation to the letter in question. We're arranging a great prize for our winning team, as well as a host of spot prize questions for throughout the quiz itself, so it should be fantastic fun!

Team size will be a maximum of four, just to give everyone a fair crack of the whip. So bring your thinking hats and a pint of beer along for what should be a great way to enjoy the evening at Edge-Lit!

With under a fortnight to go, expect the news to keep rolling in thick and fast this week!

Thanks a lot