Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Edge-Lit - latest authors confirmed!

Hi Everyone,

It may be a wet Wednesday outside, but I'm still feeling pretty cheery, as today I get to announce our next five authors taking part in Edge-Lit! I'm chuffed with how the line-up for this one is taking shape, and we have yet more great authors and speakers to confirm in the near future! So here are today's latest participants - and we're barely halfway there!

Leading SF, fantasy and horror agent JOHN JARROLD

MD LACHLAN - author of the WOLFSANGEL fantasy series

Horror and crime author SIMON BESTWICK

Urban fantasy novelist MIKE SHEVDON, author of the COURTS OF THE FEYRE series

Fantasy novelist, short story writer and poet GAIE SEBOLD

We'll also have loads more announcements to follow, including more information on the Edge-Lit dealers room, raffle, schedule, film programme and much more...

Thanks a lot!


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