Thursday, 31 May 2012

Raffle latest!


Hi Guys,

In the midst of what has been a sweltering week or so, and a pretty hectic run on a whole host of fronts, I have still been quietly squirrelling away on Edge-Lit. And like a hibernating squirrel with a disturbing penchant for books, I have been collecting raffle prizes for our fabulous live draw on the Saturday night.

So here are just a few saucy highlights to get you excited about what will no doubt be one of the highlights of the festival...

3 copies of Helen Dunmore's THE GREATCOAT (donated by Hammer Books)
A collection of 6 books from Solaris and Abaddon (donated by Solaris and Abaddon)
A copy of THE NECRONOMICON (not the actual one, but the collected best of HP Lovecraft as edited by Stephen Jones and illustrated by Les Edwards – donated by Edge-Lit)
A signed copy of Robert Rankin's Japanese Devil Fish Girl (donated by Edge-Lit)
A signed copy of Niki Valentine's The Haunted (donated by Edge-Lit)
3 sets of PS Publishing books (donated by Edge-Lit)

I've also got a few other prizes up my sleeve that are rather special, and of course I shall be teasing everyone with those for a bit longer, or at least until the next raffle update! We're also expecting many more great book prizes to be confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled on this blog for all the latest.

Thanks a lot!


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