Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Edge-Lit - About QUAD

Hi Guys,

To follow on from yesterday's post, I thought that it'd be good to give everyone a rough guide as to what to expect after you get there, and what you can find inside QUAD on the day of Edge-Lit.

QUAD itself is a really modern venue, and you can enter the building via either the revolving doors or the accessible entrance next to it. On the ground floor you'll see the box office right in front of you, where you can pick up your ticket for the day (if you haven't yet!) or collect your free workshop tickets. There's also the QUAD gallery on the ground floor, exhibitions in which are free to visitors, and the BFI Mediatheque, where you can check out a host of archive footage courtesy of the BFI.

Of course, there is also a bar on the ground floor, which will be serving food and drinks throughout the day. I hadn't forgotten about that :-)

On the first floor, you'll be confronted by a set of double doors, and heading through those you'll be very much heading into Edge-Lit territory. On the right you'll see the meeting room, which will  be hosting our readings throughout, and to the left you'll find the Digital Suite, where our workshops will be going on all day.

By the time you come to the second floor, you'll be well and truly into Edge-Lit land. Our registration desk will be up there, which will be your first stop after arrival to collect your name-badge and goodie bag ready for the day. We'll have a host of panels, readings and films in Cinema One, as well as our awesome raffle, and Cinema Two will also be holding a handful of panels in the late morning and early afternoon. The Box will be home to our dealers room, which will be offering a great range of books, magazines and much more on the day.

The second floor Orchid Bar will also be open on the day, so no need to head all the way downstairs to grab those drinks between sessions!

All shaping up to be a fabulous day - you can check out more info, and book your place, at http://www.derbyquad.co.uk/special-event/edge-lit-day-ticket

And any questions at all, feel free to send them my way at edgelit@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks a lot!!


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