Monday, 25 June 2012

Details, details...

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone had a good weekend, despite some apparently unsatisfactory result in the football...

Last week saw our big logistics meeting with QUAD, which of course sees us arranging all the ins and outs of the event, and thought I'd pass on some of the salient points for those of you attending, or indeed considering attending the day!

The events for the day kick off at 10am, but we'll be opening doors at 9am so that you can get registered, grab yourself a drink and perhaps even bag some breakfast before you head into your first sessions. The Orchid Bar will also be open upstairs, so that will save too many trips up and down between sessions!

All our panels and readings will be completely free access, so just turn up and grab yourself a seat for those. Our writing workshops are always a hugely popular part of the day, and so to avoid any arguments you'll be able to collect a free ticket for the workshops of your choice from the QUAD box office. Maximum capacity will be 15, so these will definitely be useful and intimate sessions.

We'll have twelve tables in a packed dealers' room, which will be open from 10am-7pm on the day. A stop by will be an essential part of the day, so be sure to bring a bit of book money along :-)

We'll be having our lunch break at 1pm and a longer dinner break at 7pm, which will give you time to either get some food from the QUAD bar or pop into town to sort out some food. I don't want anyone fainting from hunger on my watch :-)

Just in case the weather turns against us, we'll be having a coat rail set up by our registration desk for the day. But hopefully, with it being mid-July, the sun will be out and everyone will be basking in the sunshine outside QUAD.

So that's a few key highlights from one of the exciting meetings leading into any event - now Edge-Lit is definitely feeling that bit more real!

More news to follow later this week.

Thanks a lot


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