Friday, 8 June 2012

Ray Bradbury panel confirmed

Hi Guys,

It's been a very busy week on the Edge-Lit front, and it seems fitting today to let slip the first item on our schedule. I'm looking to get the full details out at some point next week, and I'm delighted with how its come together, with some really exciting stuff going on throughout the day.

However, given the sad news that came through on Wednesday, I've decided to add a panel on one of the true greats of the field, Ray Bradbury.

I'm sure many have and will put it more eloquently than me, but Ray Bradbury was a key part of what got me interested in writing and interested in literature. His books and short stories were a huge influence and source of pleasure throughout my teen years - it remains my opinion that we'll never see the likes of Bradbury again. For me, this was as an author with an unrivalled imagination, a beautiful simplicity of expression and a way of infusing stories with wonder or terror with equal ease. Dandelion Wine has always been my favourite book, a fantastically bright and joyous novel that I always reach for when the outlook isn't looking so bright. I was delighted to see so many tributes pouring in, not only from greats in the world of writing, but also film, music and the US President himself.

As such, it seemed only fitting to devote at least part of our day at Edge-Lit to celebrating the life and work of one of the masters of the genre, an author whose influence and stories will surely live on forever.

More information on this - and the rest of the schedule - to follow.

Thanks a lot


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