Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday news round-up

Hi Guys,

As the weekend looms large, I thought this'd be a good opportunity to share a final few news tidbits to hold you over until Monday! Of course, it's always possible I may feel compelled to blog over the weekend - who knows?

Anyway, here's all the very latest news on Edge-Lit:

Two more workshops subjects confirmed - Jaine Fenn's workshop will be called 'Building Character Through Questions', while Niki Valentine's session will be entitled 'Building Suspense'. Also, to add a bit more detail, Mike Shevdon sent us the following details about his workshop - 'The Dynamics of Dialogue: How to write engaging dialogue that pulls readers into the story, engages with plot, reveals character and delivers the punch that readers love. A workshop for aspiring writers who've struggled with who says what!'

The good folks at This is Horror ( will be running some interviews and features on Edge-Lit in the final few weeks leading up to the event. For those unfamiliar with the site, it's run by the marvellous Michael Wilson and features a whole host of news and interviews, as well as running events and the exciting new chapbook line. Well worth a look for any horror fan.

We're currently looking to arrange author introductions for our four superb Lovecraftian screenings over the weekend – Friday 13th (why not?) sees the screening of the fantastic HP Lovecraft Historical Society version of The Call of Cthulhu, followed by a suitably rugged Kurt Russell in The Thing. Saturday night's double-header will see Stuart Gordon's Dreams in the Witch-House followed by Lucio Fulci's fabulous House by the Cemetery, and our introductions will be looking to add a little more insight into the life and work of HP Lovecraft, as well as these individual interpretations and inspirations.

The guys at Mayhem Horror Festival have generously supported the film angle of the event, and you can check out their Facebook event for these four screenings at And you should most certainly check out the Festival's page itself at

And on the subject of Facebook, are you all signed up to our event and page? And if not, why not? We'll certainly have lots of news and updates there as the event closes in – check them out at and

So that's all for one week – expect another busy week of news to be flooding in next week!

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